Where Will You Be?

Where will you be, 20 years from now? How about 50 years from now? Where will you be 200 years from now? Or, how about 5000 years? 20,000 years? In 20,000 years from now, you will be somewhere. You will be in one of two places, according to the Bible.

The Bible tells us that our days are numbered. A person may be born and live only a few days. A person could be born and live to be over 100! We just don’t know when our last day on earth will be.

According to the Bible, every person has an appointment with death. In Hebrews 9:27, it tells us that after we die, we face Judgment. This is serious.

Because God is holy, no sin will ever be allowed in His presence. When we die, our sins will be with us, unless we have them removed. But what is sin, and how do we deal with it?

Sin is breaking God’s law. It is a violation against Him. We are all born with a sinful heart, because of the sin of the first two people God created. When God finished His creation, He declared it to be ‘good’. God had a relationship with Adam in the Garden. He told Adam that Adam and Eve could eat any fruit from any  tree in the Garden. But they were not allowed to eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. One day, the devil tempted Eve to eat from this forbidden tree, and she chose to listen to the devil, even though she knew what God told them about the tree. She broke God’s law and Adam joined her in her disobedience. They were both punished. The devil was punished. The earth was now under a curse. But God promised to send Someone, someday, to redeem Adam and Eve and their offspring.

Now the world was ugly with sin. Adam and Eve’s children were sinning. Their grandchildren were sinning. Their great grandchildren were sinners. Was there ever going to be any hope? The sin of Adam and Eve has reached all the way to our generation of people and will continue until the end of the world. After Adam and Eve sinned, God killed animals and clothed them with animal skins.

From the time of Adam and Eve, and throughout History, God instructed people to offer animal sacrifices. The lamb was used in particular, to cover over sin (see the Passover story in Exodus 12). But God did something spectacular. Probably around 4,000 years from the time of Adam and Eve, God provided the Ultimate Sacrifice to be made for people’s sins. No longer would people have to offer lambs to atone for their sins. The Lamb of God had come to earth to provide the sacrifice needed for us.

2,000 years ago, God came to earth! He was going to be the sacrifice! God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, who lived in Nazareth, to live a perfect life. He was the only person who never sinned! He was the only person who could qualify to pay for our sins, because He had no sin of His own. One day, God’s Son, was in court, not because He did anything wrong, but because something had to die for sin. He was falsely accused of terrible things He did not do. Then He died a terrible, horrible death, but it was because of the sins of mankind. As He was dying, God put all of our sins on Jesus. It was a horrific experience, but it had to happen if we were to be able to be free from our sins. After Jesus died this horrible death, in our place, He was placed in a tomb and the tomb was sealed and guarded. But three days later, He arose from the dead! And He is alive today, and will come back to earth to gather His people and judge the world.

Is your sin atoned for? If so, you will have Robes of Righteousness to wear before a holy God. If not, you will have nothing to cover yourself with, but your sins. Every person will either die in their sins, or they will die with their sins atoned for. Have you repented (turned away from) of your sins and trusted in Christ? You can turn to God right now. You do not have to live for yourself any longer. When a person comes to Christ, God gives them a new heart. It is a heart that will love God. Our selfish hearts do not love God. We can only love ourselves and the things that make us happy (and keep us selfish!). When we trust in Jesus as our Savior, we are born into God’s family. You can talk to God and tell Him that you want to turn away from your sins and trust in Jesus as your Savior. If you have any questions on this, please send an email to: RUgood@mail.com, or send a comment in the comment box.

So, where will you be in 20,000 years from now? Either you will be worshiping God in Heaven, or you will be paying for your sins in hell. It is up to you. God will not force you to respond to Him. But He promises to save you if you come to Him. Please consider this before it is too late.


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