How Good Do You Have To Be?

How good do you have to be in order to go to heaven? Are you that good? Here are some questions you can ask yourself in order to see if you are good enough for heaven. Keep in mind that you would have to have never broken any of the commandments, even as a child, in order to be perfect. Perfection is the requirement for salvation. You will have to have been 100% perfect all of your life.

  1. Have you ever told a lie?
  2. Have you ever taken something that is not yours?
  3. Have you ever been angry with someone?
  4. Have you ever not loved someone?
  5. Have you ever been a bully?
  6. Have you ever had unclean thoughts?
  7. Have you ever had an abortion (murder)?
  8. Have you ever had sexual relationships outside of marriage?
  9. Have you ever wanted something badly, that is not necessary?
  10. Have you loved God 24/7 your whole life?
  11. Ever cheated in a game or on your income tax?
  12. Ever desired something more than desiring God (Idolatry)?
  13. Ever boasted (love of self-self-importance instead of God-importance)?
  14. Ever been deceitful?
  15. Ever schemed evil plans?
  16. Ever taken God’s name in vain?
  17. Do you keep one day a week to spend paying special attention to God without distractions?
  18. Do you like to argue (divisiveness)?
  19. Do you play people against each other (manipulation, which is witchcraft)?
  20. Have you always respected the authority figures in your life?

As you can see, this list could go on and on. The point is, God is so very holy and perfect, yet, He loves us and wants us to know Him. But we cannot know Him because we are full of our own selfishness and pride. The two main commandments that we have to obey are: love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and, love your neighbor as yourself. As you can probably see here, that is impossible to do. Plus, because God is holy, we are in danger of His judgment for our sins. He will judge us for our sins by sending us to a place of torment and pain for eternity. Once a person is in hell, he or she will never be able to get out. Eternity doesn’t end.

But God has a better way. God knows that we cannot be good enough to please Him. He wants us to have a relationship with Him, so He sent His only Son, 2,000 years ago, to die on the Cross for our sins. Jesus took the punishment that we deserve, when He died on the Cross. He was buried in a tomb, but he arose from the dead on the third day. He lived a perfect life while He was on earth, 2,000 years ago. He died in our place. We can only get into heaven on His score.

Many people think they are going to heaven after they die, simply because they know these facts and believe they are true. But, all the demons know the facts also and they know the facts are true, but they will not be in heaven. Why?

It is because the demons do not trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. A person must come to Christ in repentance and faith. He or she must turn away from living the self-centered life they have been living. The person must trust in Jesus’ death on the Cross to pay for his or her sin. The person must turn to God and away from self.

When a person truly comes to Christ, God will give the person a new heart. The new heart will be one that will not be selfish. God will also give the person His Holy Spirit to live in him or her. The Holy Spirit gives the power to not want to sin anymore and helps people with their sinful struggles. The Bible talks about being ‘born again’ which means that the person who comes to Christ is born into God’s family now. The person’s spiritual heart is now alive as his or her spiritual part has been activated.

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